Hound PodCast: Double U Hunting Supply

EP 53: Born 100 Years Too Late with Mike Leonard

Episode Summary

It's great to have Brett back with us this week for another episode from the road!  Sometimes when you make a circle, your out longer than expected, so it’s a good thing he packed his provisions.

Episode Notes

With a mic and a recorder riding sidekick, Brett made his way to catch up with Mike Leonard of New Mexico. This has been something in the works for quite a while as Bruce Kennedy had originally planned to interview Mike for the “Warriors of El Gato” series. Unfortunately Bruce was not able to do so before he became ill and passed. Thankfully, “Born 100 Years Too Late” was not too late to finish what Bruce started!  Mike is a true storyteller, and this episode is filled to the brim with them.  So, pull up a seat and join us for another tale from the Southwest.