Hound PodCast: Double U Hunting Supply

EP 24: The OFFICIAL Alpha 200i Release

Episode Summary

Buddy and Jason sit down with the new Alpha 200i for a great overview of operation, improvements, customizable features and more!

Episode Notes

All of us at DU Supply have been waiting for this day, and we know you have too.  Garmin has finally released the new Garmin Alpha 200i in North America and we can’t wait to talk about it!  In this episode, Buddy and Jason sit down with the Alpha 200i and walk you through the features, improvements, operation and more.  

For those of you who are chomping at the bit, the new Garmin Alpha 200i is available at https://www.dusupply.com/garmin-alpha-200-bundle-full-size.html

We hope you enjoy this look into a revolutionary piece of equipment, but if you still have questions you can reach us at 855-384-8687 and one of our team members will be happy to help! Also, make sure to check out our video overview of the Alpha 200i on Youtube